Opportunities created by

How do the arts contribute to our community and how do you contribute to our community.

Contribution of

How we can create culture days in BC

Our interests in creating – demonstrate the contribution of the arts in creating community and in contributing to our common community interests, – our social interests, our community relationships, our resources, our health, our economic welfare, our sustainability, our culture and our cultural development, and our ability to learn the art of creating

What is the contribution of culture days, – to what interests, – to whose interests

To engage community, to contribute to community, to create community,

To use the idea of culture days to create a groundswell of contribution to demonstrating the contribution of the arts, – to creating community, to creating community around community interests, to make community a better place to live.

Theatres open rehearsals, – artists open their studios

Here are some ideas which contribute questions

Here are some ideas to answer some of your questions. You can contribute your ideas, questions, and opportunities

Take on these roles, with these interests, and these contributions. We offer opportunities for people to play a part and  contribute to creating

Connecting our community so we can create together, – around culture days, and other creative opportunities, and contribute to other communities

If our artists create our imagining and know the art of creating the imaginary, we can imagine our arts community, our artists, our audiences, and the creative artist in all of us

These are contributors to our enterprise

These are people who we pay to contribute

Explain the opportunities to contribute to the conversation

Summarize the role, contribution, process, interests, contribution, and information service

Ideas, information, and stories create opportunities to explore

Prepare a communication from the July meeting notes

An opportunity to position your story as a contributor

This is for people to contribute to creating our enterprise

Questions and ideas are contributions

Artists are connectors, – which is how we create, contribute, and connect each of us to one another

Artists contribute to our experience of life.

Artists change the way we see and do things

These are opportunities of roles to play.

These are contributors to connect with and learn from

How we as an art community contribute to our interests. What can we contribute which contributes to the interests of our contributors.
What are our common individual, community, and social interests.

Creative Contributors – sadira