Culture Days Story – September 2009

Celebrating Arts and Culture from Coast to Coast

The Idea

Culture Days is an annual coast to coast celebration of arts and culture which takes place in every community in Canada. It gives everyone the opportunity to participate in free arts and cultural activities to provide access, excite interest, and engage all Canadians in the cultural life of their community.

Arts and culture contributes to our local economies, to our social health and well-being, to our ability to learn, and to our ability to connect and create community with one other. Culture Days is a national creative collaboration to increase our appreciation of the value of arts and culture to Canada.

Our Role and Contribution

Culture Days will encourage and support a network of local community leaders across Canada to rally local artists and cultural groups and organize events to showcase the artistic and cultural life of their communities.

The Culture Days network gives community leaders the ability to collaborate, share resources, and create activities throughout the year to increase appreciation and support for the arts in their community.

Culture Days online network will create connections between community leaders and contributors, assist participating communities and provinces in organizing initiatives, and be visible worldwide to promote Canada as a creative and culturally diverse country.

The Culture Days network will give community leaders the ability to publish information, ideas, and opportunities to create activities in other communities and to learn from other communities in the Culture Days network. People will be able to connect online with provincial and territorial participants, municipalities, businesses, cultural organizations, community leaders, volunteers, artists and creators.

Culture Days will demonstrate how arts and cultural communities can work together, coordinate an annual event working with traditional and online media, and create a successful community-designed national collaboration and celebration of the arts and cultural life in Canada.

Creative Teams

Culture Days has established a National Creative Team to work with regional creative teams created by each province and territory. The Culture Days national and regional creative teams will engage and assist local community leaders to facilitate, plan, and create events and activities in their areas. The success of Culture Days is rooted in the participation and creative energy of local community leaders.

The national and regional creative teams will invite community leaders from all geographic areas who represent community groups, business, government, education, tourism, and the arts and cultural community including publishing, film, theatre, dance, music, journalism, heritage, design, and visual arts.

Regional coordinators will provide support to local community leaders, connecting them with resources, assisting them in implementing ideas, and reporting on the success of Culture Days in their communities. They will identify prospective partnerships and create connections and relationships with media and sources of local private and public funding. Regional team coordinators will act as representatives of the national creative team to their provincial and municipal governments and public agencies.

British Columbia

The Creative Team for Culture Days British Columbia is being assembled and coordinated by Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, Howard Jang, and Axel Conradi. Ideas, expressions of interest, and questions for the Creative Team can be contributed through the comment box below or by email to

Connecting the Community

The Culture Days celebration is designed to create connections between our arts, our cultures, and our audiences in all of our communities. Culture Days is an opportunity to demonstrate how the arts improve our ability to connect and create community with one another.

Culture Days Media

National arts initiative launched
By James Adams, Globe and Mail – PDF

An arts festival for all the ‘ordinary, working people’
By Adam McDowell, National Post – PDF

Conversation gives contributors the ability to create connections and conversations online around common community interests, ideas, and opportunities.

Creating British Columbia Culture Days