Culture Days

Celebrating our culture

Culture Days is an annual celebration of the arts, culture, and cultural heritage of Canada giving people across the country the opportunity to create and participate in free arts and cultural activities in their community.

Our common interest is to engage Canadians in the cultural life of their community and increase our understanding and appreciation of the contribution of our arts and culture to our community, to our health and social development, to our local economies, and to our common culture and identity as a country.

Communities across Canada are invited to participate in creating Culture Days. The inaugural Culture Days celebration is planned for the last weekend in September 2010.


Culture Days was initiated by the Canadian Arts Summit with the support and collaboration of Culture pour tous, The Banff Centre and the Canada Council for the Arts. The Banff Centre is providing a Secretariat role for the National Culture Days Creative Team.

The Culture Days website will give contributors the opportunity to create connections, tell their stories, and share ideas with one another and be visible worldwide to promote Canada as a creative and culturally diverse country. Contributors can subscribe for Culture Days communications at

The open website facility gives artists and arts groups across the country the opportunity to participate in Culture Days whether their provincial, regional, or local community governments officially declare themselves as participants or not.

The Globe and Mail has agreed to be national print media sponsor of Culture Days and Sun Life Financial and St. Joseph Communications have confirmed their support as national contributors.

Culture Days is a creative community enterprise giving every community the opportunity to create as a community, to contribute to showcasing the arts and culture of Canada, and to create connections within and between the many communities that contribute to and create our Canadian culture.


The provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Prince Edward Island are planning to be part of the inaugural event. Other provinces are actively exploring the opportunity.

Les Journées de la culture is a three-day event created by Culture pour tous to highlight the importance of making culture and the arts accessible to everyone that has been held throughout Quebec for the last 13 years.

The Banff Centre’s Alberta Arts Days is a three-day celebration of Alberta’s arts and culture that inspired by Quebec’s Les Journées de la culture.

The Manitoba Arts Network participation will coincide with Manitoba Homecoming, the Provincial birthday celebration.

The Ontario Arts Council is working with their Ministry to move the annual weekend festival of events to celebrate the artists who live in Ontario’s communities from June to September.

Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island have announce they will participate and conversations are underway in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Creative Teams

Culture Days has established a National Creative Team to work with regional creative teams created by each province and territory. The Culture Days national and regional creative teams will engage and assist local community leaders to facilitate, plan, and create events and activities in their areas. The success of Culture Days is rooted in the participation and creative energy of local community leaders.

The national and regional creative teams will invite community leaders from all geographic areas who represent community groups, business, government, education, tourism, and the arts and cultural community including publishing, film, theatre, dance, music, journalism, heritage, electronic arts, design, and visual arts.

Regional coordinators will provide support to local community leaders, connecting them with resources, assisting them in implementing ideas, and reporting on the success of Culture Days in their communities. They will identify prospective partnerships and create connections and relationships with media and sources of local private and public funding.

Regional team coordinators will act as representatives of the national creative team to their provincial and municipal governments and public agencies.


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