Roger Chilton

The arts are the media that create the experience of appreciation, and understanding, and caring, and connectedness, and community. The arts are the media that carry the experience of appreciation and caring to create connections with and for our communities. The arts are the media to excite our interest in investing more in our arts and our artists and our creative community and in increasing the size and contribution of our creative community and our community caring to contribute to creating community for our future.

The arts are the media because they have a relationship with communities who care about the creative experience of the arts and the contribution of the arts to how we feel, see, and think about our world, our experience of life, and our common human experience and interests.

The arts are our universal language, our language of community, our language for expressing our experience of caring, our language for contributing to our experience of appreciation and caring. Our arts are the media that contribute to creating a common experience of appreciation and caring across our different communities, with our different experiences, our different cultures, our different ideas about the world, our different interests, and our different communities of common enterprise. Our arts contribute to creating communities without borders.

What I intended to say to the Arts and Culture Summit
Wosk Centre for Dialogue, 2006.04.11