Creative City Network of Canada

The Creative City Network of Canada is a network of people engaged in municipal governments in the development of community through culture across Canada. The Network gives contributors the opportunity to talk about and support one another in their work to share information, learn from one another, and explore new ideas. It connects the communities they serve and keeps everyone informed of what is happening across Canada.

The Creative City Network explores how public policy can increase participation and engagement in creating vibrant, healthy, compassionate, inclusive, sustainable and creative communities throughout Canada. It conducts research, organizes events, and uses the internet to engage contributors in conversation around initiatives and programs they are developing.

Conferences hosted by the Creative City Network provide face to face opportunities to talk about current issues and to interact with one another to stimulate new ideas and explore possibilities.

The network gives everyone the opportunity to start programs at a much lower cost with much greater possibility of success, adapting what others are doing to work in the unique context of each community.

The Creative City Network is working to link everyone involved in cultural development in our communities across Canada to increase the appreciation of the role culture plays in community development. In 2014 the Creative City Network of Canada extended membership to individuals and organizations involved in the growing field of local cultural development.

Creative City Network of Canada