Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles

We share a vision in which Canadian communities of all sizes are healthy, vibrant, compassionate and sustainable, where all elements of society work together for the good of all, and every member of society, whatever her or his age, gender, means, ethnic or cultural background, education or occupation, has the opportunity to pursue personal fulfillment, contribute to the community, and feel valued by it in a land of unparalleled opportunity.

Canada is more proactive than most in pursuing this vision and closer to achieving it. We are among the most privileged and fortunate people on the planet, but there is no room for complacency or smugness. We still have a long way to go, and we will not fully realize the vision if we do not acknowledge the essential role of culture in achieving it.

We need to value the many elements of diversity within our communities, seek and share ways of overcoming alienation, and promote accessibility and inclusion.

In the future, population growth in Canada will result entirely from immigration. We need to ensure our communities are ready and willing to welcome the world in even greater numbers. Next to climate change, this is likely the most compelling issue facing our country over the next decade and beyond.

I hope we will find the answers to questions, solutions to problems, and the inspiration, encouragement, and the support of friends to assist us in each of our communities.

Creative City Network of Canada