Culture Days Objective

Celebrating Arts and Culture Coast to Coast

Vision Statement

Culture Days embraces a core vision every individual. Regardless of age, background, and experience, has the right to access and participate actively in the arts and cultural life of their community.

Culture Days believes that the arts and cultural sector makes a vital contribution to the economic and social development of every community in Canada while contributing to the overall health of the country.


Culture days is a collaborative pan-Canadian movement that aims to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation, and engagement by all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.


In realizing its vision and mission, Culture Days will play a national leadership role by:

Rallying, encouraging, and supporting a pan-Canadian network of stakeholders to collaborate in the implementation of concurrent and annual provincial/territorial events and on-going actions aimed at fostering the appreciation and support of artistic and cultural lie of all communities across Canada.

Implementing national communications strategies that leverage the visibility of provincial/territorial events and related initiatives to increase citizen awareness, participation, and engagement in the local arts and cultural life.

Consolidating and disseminating information related to citizen participation and engagement theories and best practices within the Culture Days network.


To unite provincial and territorial partners, volunteers, cultural workers, artist, and creators, municipalities, and private companies from each of the provinces and territories in a vast and voluntary pan-Canadian arts and cultural participation movement.

To encourage and promote interaction between arts and cultural players and citizens through accessible, free participatory activities during an annual event in their province or territory and through other collaborative actions.

To plan and coordinate a broad annual public relations campaign in partnership with national media
To provide the Culture Days stakeholder network and public with emergent dynamic web 2.0+ tools and technologies that promote on-line access to information, knowledge, and exchange.

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