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Creating British Columbia Culture Days

Culture Days is an opportunity for British Columbia to introduce our artists, curate the arts, culture, and cultural heritage of our communities, and excite interest in exploring our creative contributions to Canadian culture and to the culture of other communities throughout the world.

Creating British Columbia Culture Days is a creative online conversation exploring possibilities, opportunities, and ideas that could contribute to creating British Columbia Culture Days.

My name is Roger Chilton. I will begin the conversation with some imaginings and ideas and creative contributions from the British Columbia Culture Days creative team.

Contributions will organized for conversation around the possibilities, opportunities, and ideas we can act on to create Culture Days. Spaces can be created for conversations around individual ideas as interest grows and as moderators appear.


Culture Days could provide the opportunity to create as a network of communication centres to give creative contributors in British Columbia communities the ability to introduce themselves and create connections and conversations online around common community interests, ideas, and opportunities.

Culture Days could give British Columbia the opportunity to communicate how our arts and culture is one of the reasons to live and work in British Columbia to complement how our spectacular British Columbia as one of the reasons to visit.

Community Arts Council societies could play a secretariat role to support the creation of a creative team of community leaders from the tourism, business, community service, education, and health communities in our communities along with the community leaders who represent and serve the interests of the artists, the arts organizations, and the creative cultural resources of the community. Community arts councils could accept and distribute monies to artists, arts groups, and arts organizers and provide receipts for tax purposes if required.

Arts and cultural activities that occur in communities or across British Columbia at other times of the year could choose to introduce, reprise, or preview their contributions during Culture Days to increase community interest and support for their activities.

Arts organizations like Artstarts, Arts Umbrella, Artists for Kids and other arts organizations that contribute to the creative development of our children and youth could collaborate around ideas and opportunities to engage and excite young people in the celebration and excite more interest in their contribution and the opportunities they create.

Businesses and foundations contributing to creating Culture Days events could also contribute their views to increase our understanding and appreciation of the contribution of arts and culture to our communities and to our cultural development.

The British Columbia Culture Days Creative Team could explore ideas with the Creative City Network of Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission, both based in Vancouver, around opportunities Culture Days creates to show Canada is a country of creative cities and cultural experiences.

The Assembly of BC Arts Councils and the Business Improvement Areas of British Columbia could work collaboratively with one another and with their member organizations to create connections and relationships around Culture Days ideas and opportunities.

Arts organizations that create and contribute to international events and creative collaborations could explore opportunities and ideas that contribute to intercultural contribution within and between cultures within and outside Canada.

Artstarts and the Assembly of BC Arts Councils who create and contribute BC Arts and Culture Week could explore opportunities to contribute, highlight, and increase support for this week long event of performances, art walks, exhibitions, workshops, and public art projects held each spring for artists, young people, educators, and the members of communities that participate.

Community connectors in communications and media relations could collaborate with creative teams in their communities and with one another on ideas to assist community contributors to tell their stories, create connections with one another and with community media, and collaborate together on the design and development of to create an online media system serving and operated by the communities of interest creating, contributing to, and benefiting from the arts in British Columbia.

Community communication centres could be created around communities defined by community of interest organizations like the tourism, business improvement, and community arts councils, like the Slocan Valley.

2010 Legacies Now who have been creating connections and legacies for our communities of interest around the 2010 Olympic Games could connect communities to the contributions and initiatives they have created, like the community of practice website tool, and explore the opportunity to create a communication network as a legacy of their enterprise and perhaps for their enterprise.


Culture Days creates an opportunity now for communities to begin exploring ideas and initiatives being contributed to, and initiatives created and developing in other provinces that could be replicated, adapted, or improved upon.

People could contribute connections to creative initiatives, like Doors Open in Ontario, and to online community connectors like Links BC, to be organized on to create a growing resource of opportunities to explore and ideas to adapt, enhance, and create for the arts community in the future.

Businesses, community leaders, foundations, and government agencies can express their interest in contributing venues, becoming presenters of creative contributors, hosting opportunities and events, and contributing to creating larger audiences through their communication systems and activities.

Business and tourism associations can communicate opportunities to sponsor artists, events, and cultural experiences, explore opportunities with their members to create relationships with creative contributors, and communicate opportunities to participate in Culture Days events and activities to their audiences.

Culture Days gives communities where the arts, culture, and creative expression comes from our native roots, our indigenous cultures and communities, the opportunity to showcase the arts, creative expression, and creative contributions of our cultural heritage to creating Canada and our Canadian culture.

Community leaders, community contributors, creative contributors, and creative entrepreneurs have the opportunity to tell their story, contribute their ideas and observations, and inform the community about their interests how they would like to contribute.

British Columbia Culture Days is an opportunity for communities to curate an online presentation of the arts and culture their community as a contribution to Culture Days and to increase understanding and appreciation for opportunities to engage the community in creative enterprise in the cultural development of the community and in opportunities to contribute to the cultural development of Canada.

British Columbia Culture Days creates opportunities for creative directors in the arts community and in communities of interest within the arts community to connect with creative entrepreneurs in the business, health, education, scientific, communication, and professional communities around ideas and initiatives to reduce barriers in our thinking to create connections, relationships and cooperative enterprise around ideas that contribute to creating community around our arts and creative resources

Culture Days is an opportunity to demonstrate how the arts and creative expression can contribute to improving our health and well-being and our ability to connect, learn, and create community together.

Conversation moderated by Roger Chilton
Conversation hosted by Quantumideas

Members of the British Columbia Culture Days Creative Team
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Source Documents

Culture Days Web Strategy – April 2009 – PDF

Culture Days Web Project Update – July 2009 – PDF

Creative Team Terms of Reference – PDF

Culture Days BC Task Force Meeting – July 2009 – PDF

Culture Days BC Task Force Meeting – September 2009 – PDF

BC Arts Council – Fast Facts – PDF

Culture Days Objectives – PDF

British Columbia

The British Columbia Culture Days Creative Team was created in August, 2009 and is being assembled and coordinated by Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, Howard Jang, and Axel Conradi.

The Culture Days celebration is designed to create connections between our arts, our cultures, and our audiences in all of our communities. Culture Days is an opportunity to demonstrate how the arts improve our ability to connect and create community with one another.

Community leaders and contributors in each community in British Columbia are invited to create their own Culture Days creative team to create ideas, opportunities, and events that express and celebrate their unique cultural expression as a community. Every contributor to Culture Days becomes part of the Culture Days Creative Team.

Questions, ideas, and expressions of interest can be contributed by email to or to the British Columbia Culture Days Creative Team

Culture Days could raise the profile of our arts and cultures
for every Canadian and for the world.
Roger Chilton

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