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  1. Good afternoon. I am co-founder of The We Heart Art Project based in Vancouver BC. We are bringing fully funded art programming back into public schools. We are looking for help with our awareness and financial backing. More importantly though, I would love the opportunity to meet and take some guidance moving forward and growing our program.

    Please let me know at your convenience.

    Many Thanks,

    Michael Gunn

  2. Hello. Forty years ago, I was an CBC reporter who travelled with Justice Thomas Berger during the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry to Dene and Inuit villages across the NWT. Recently I found 100 audio tapes and 1,000 photos from the time, so I offered to return to the villages to put the images on display and to give photography and video workshops to students.

    Since then, photographer Linda MacCannell and I have visited more than 20 Dene and Inuit communities. Our work, and that of the students, has been combined into an exhibition called Inquiry, which has toured three cities in British Columbia. We now have invitations to four more cities in Alberta and Ontario.

    This summer we have been invited to travel to Old Crow in the northern Yukon and Inuvialuit villages in the Mackenzie Delta. To date our work has been sponsored with small grants from the Canada Council, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the BC Arts Council – and a Heritage programme that has been cancelled.

    We are wondering if funding to continue the programme might be available through ArtsBC?
    We will be working here in Vancouver, at MacDonald School (the aboriginal-focus school, all through April, so you would be welcome to visit. Sincerely, Drew Ann Wake. Curator

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