Alliance for Arts and Culture

I begin 2009 as the newly appointed Executive Director of the Alliance for Arts and Culture. This is an exciting time to begin working here and I look forward to working with and for the incredibly diverse membership of this valuable organization and with the committed staff that serves us so passionately. Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles leaves me a stable and healthy organization, poised to become even more effective and relevant in the future. Thank you Andrew!

This is a time of profound change – paradigm shifts in many sectors of our society, including environmental, civic, economic, and political re-adjustments. In all cases our sector has an important role to play, and it is important that we let decision-makers and policy-makers know that we are here and have the capacity to help in responding to the emerging challenges we face as a region, province and nation. These challenges represent opportunities for our members, as we embark on a year where we aim to make sure that the arts and culture are part of the solutions and responses. We must spread the message that the arts are well worth investing in, and that rather than requiring bailing out we are here to help in rebuilding.

At the Alliance for Arts and Culture, we hope to continue our strategic planning, through dialogue with our membership; we need to re-craft our mission and vision to remain relevant and effective. We would also like to expand and diversify our membership itself, facilitating partnerships and relationships between disciplines and sectors; we would like to strengthen our relevant programs and resources, and improve communication with and between our members.

We need your input and help. Strike while the iron is hot! I am new in this position and particularly open to innovative and creative ideas at this time and always – I hope. I wish all of you a very successful and productive 2009 and invite you to be an active ally in this alliance.

Amir Ali Alibhai
Executive Director,
BC Alliance for Arts and Culture

The BC Alliance for Arts and Culture works to advocate, inform, connect and serve British Columbia’s Creative Community. Our members include organizations, professional associations, not-for-profit groups, artists, and cultural workers throughout British Columbia.

BC Alliance for Arts and Culture