ArtsBC Conversation

Creating ArtsBC

Our arts community are the people and enterprises that create, contribute to, and benefit from our arts and creative cultural expression.

My name is Roger Chilton and I represent the interests of Quantumideas. My contribution is to start the conversation with some imaginings and ideas about how this communication centre could contribute to our common interests of our arts community.

Here is where we can engage in conversation on the possibilities, the opportunities, and the ideas that could contribute to creating Our role, contribution, and interests are to develop a network of communication centres and communication systems to make creative community enterprise possible without the need for government and philanthropic funding.

Our interest is to give ourselves the ability to create connections and community around our arts, cultures, and cultural heritage and improve our ability to contribute to our cultural and community development.


We could use the inaugural Cultures Days event to connect our communities in creative community enterprise around our common community interests.


Community leaders, community contributors, creative contributors, and creative entrepreneurs have the opportunity to tell their story, contribute their ideas and observations, and inform the community about their interests how they would like to contribute.

Conversation moderated by Roger Chilton
Conversation hosted by Quantumideas